How Your CPA Could Solve Problems You Never Knew You Had

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There’s a cool shirt floating around the internet that says something to the effect that CPAs help people solve problems they didn’t know they had. While this shirt has been the brunt of many jokes among CPAs, it’s actually proving to be a true statement. CPAs have helped millions of people and millions of companies recover from financial hardship.

So how exactly can your CPA help you solve problems you never knew you had? That’s easy. Let’s look at a few of the more obvious ways.

CPAs Can See Your Bad Spending Habits

One look at your financial records and your CPA can see your bad spending habits. So often, many of us with debit cards develop a bad habit of swiping that we fail to see just how much money we are spending.

CPAs Can Help You Forecast the Future

Do you have big plans for your businesses financial future? Your CPA can tell you how to get there and also be honest and upfront with you and let you know if your goals are unrealistic.

CPAs Can Tell You No

Many business owners will do everything they possibly can to surround themselves with yes men. The great thing about a good CPA is that they can literally be the only people on your team who have earned the right to tell you no. This “no” is not intended to be disrespectful but is intended to keep you on track toward whatever your business goals may be.

Are you a small business owner who has a CPA? What problems has your CPA helped you solved that you didn’t know you had?

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